Monday, 22 April 2013

Lumpsum Ft Maya Wolff

 Producer Lumpsum was contacted by Maya Wolff a talented singer seven months ago & was just blown away with the offer to collaborate on a track together, all the way from New Zealand Christchurch Producer Lumpsum was excited to work with someone overseas himself and Maya used every resource at their disposal to create their experimental electronic/dance/dubstep fusion & song titled 'Trusting You'.
 A music Video is in the works to be released in a few months which will be filmed in the UK and produced in Auckland New Zealand.

For a preview of the track please visit soundcloud:

Brodie Lumsden AKA 'Lumpsum' is a New Zeland dubstep producer known for his remix of 'Wonderwall' by Oasis, popularity grew in the US with the remix of Alice Deejay's 'Better Off Alone' in 2011, Aug 2012 saw the digital release of the 'Subconscious' EP which with the aid of Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud & YouTube spread to 50 countries around the globe.

 Mid 2012 saw the birth of electronic alias 'Lumpsum' EDM blog 'Smash' & label 'Smash Recordings', 7 appearances on independent radio stations gaining DJ residency.
 He is currently working on an album set to be released mid to late 2013, currently appearing at a number of venues and festivals around the south island of New Zealand.
 Lumpsum has developed a unique blend of music & live performance to entertain crowds for hours.

Maya Wolff is a german singer/songwriter & dancer from Canterbury (UK), started at the age of 19 singing & dancing in a pop band that toured secondary schools & youth events in the south west east of england for 2 years, slowly moving away from pop music in 2006 she found her own company called 'Eximo' that delivers dance/singing & music training as well as performances, through Eximo Maya has been teaching & touring over the years & has been seen dancing alongside names such as DJ Luck & MC Neat, with the business up & running 2012 has been the year for Maya to focus on her music career once again, now in 2013 she has got piles of unreleased songs & a mind set on producing bass & electronic music, she is now colloborating with great musical talent all around the world and planning to perform at clubs & festivals.

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