Monday, 3 March 2014


Let me introduce you to "Apt" there is a darkness to their music but always with a shining light... bringing a sense of hope & wonder, they are likened to Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys, Aha and early OMD they have just released the hotly-anticipated release of their 10 track debut album "Energy, Light And Darkness" by Jonteknik Music, the collaboration between Martyn Bailey & Jon Russell. Described as Dark Ambient Electronic Pop, you can order directly from Jon Russell here: the album comes with a 4 page colour booklet.

All songs written by Martyn Bailey (Vocals) & Jon Russell (Music & Production) They have carried on the retro 80's electro pop tradition both have a deeply rooted passion for old skool electronic pop, both have already made a name for themselves.

"Energy, Light And Darkness" showcases their amazing songwriting & their unique artistic creative identity that wholey belongs to Apt, again another duo that is creating their own species of genre that is the beauty of being experimental once these juices flow all will fall into place, i love nothing more than artists who use that experiemental direction pushing boundaries so to speak being individualists where their music is concerned.
As soon as the album kicks off it grabs your attention with it's thumping basslines & perfect synth-pop gems this is superb dark electro at it's best.

  • At Night I Come Alive
  • Make Contact
  • Changing Lanes
  • Epiphany
  • Pendulum
  • The A To Z Of Numbers
  • Inner City
  • Days On An Edge
  • Waking The Beast
  • The Night Train
Their music is very mesmerizing you can say you get easily hooked it's that hypnotic i highly recommend you checking out this amazing duo they work hard at their craft it shines through, they are already on my electronic dance playlist they are "Pioneers of Dark Electro" i am looking forward to hearing more from them i'm already craving for more.

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