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Colette is a Rock/Hard Rock Band from Port Chester NY, their sound has been compared to Soundgarden, Pop Evil and Incubus, Colette is comprised of: Anthony Rubino (Lead Vocals), Joe Rubino (Guitars), Al Bodas (Drums) and Mark Nowotnik (Bass).
  They are the band to watch and quite recently their music was featured on which described their sound as having 'Melodic Power and Vulnerability', an interview with the band and the single 'Complicated' were featured on the blog at
 'Complicated' at it's peak was the 8th most downloaded song of all time on the website
 They have just finished a recording session for their new song 'Reach Out' i really look forward to their debut album it's going to be rocktastic and full of hard rock energy, to sum up their music is beautiful melodic with hard hitting hooks, their tracks are available for free they are incredibly radio friendly so check them out.
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stylus Boy

Singer/Songwriter Stylus Boy Steve Jones and Rachel Grisdale both from Coventry (UK) create enchanting infectious and passionate folk music.
 Their spellbinding charming acoustic folk songs are filled with charisma and charm they are truly a rare gem in their own right, their music is pure folk galore and such a pleasure to listen too with their collection of perfectly infused new generation folk tracks.
 Every song captures pure raw emotion from the heart expressing beautiful and very moving lyrics and melodies in which you find extremley touching, all of their songs remind you of summer hazy days, and first rush of love when i listen to their songs i just want to sing along and get up and dance it's that infectious, their songs always give me a warm fuzzy feeling like an emotional folk explosion which fills my entire body like a hypnotic rush.
 In June 2011 cult record label Lazy Acre Records released Stylus Boy's second collection of songs 'Whole Picture EP', 'Dave's Song is such a beautiful song with very deep emotions and shows Steve's enchanting and unique talents, his stong vocal strengths blend well with the charming harmonies of Rachel Grisdale.
 Stylus Boy's influences and inspirations come from a range of artists such as: Mumford and Sons, Ryan Adams, The Civil Wars, Laura Marling, Badly Drawn Boy, The Staves and lots more, their acoustic folk inspired songs remind me of an early Bob Dylan their music combine elements of his passionate poetic lyrics and beautiful guitar work, i also feel elements of 60's pop in their too.
  'Whole Picture EP' has received an amazing response and attention from the likes of BBC 6music Tom Robinson, Acoustic Magazine and Rock 'n' Reel Magazine.
  Stylus Boy makes delightful handcrafted limited edition CD's which you can purchase on a  'pay what you want basis' via Bandcamp: i had the pleasure of buying one and i haven't stopped playing it since.
 They are making their own unique folktastic impact and stamp on the music industry they are creatively passionate about writing songs and performing live gigs so what are you waiting for join them on this spellbinding enchanting journey.

You can listen to 'Dave's Song' and their other songs via Youtube:

Check out their website on these links for a great insight into what Stylus Boy is all about:

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LVLF (Lovelife)

Listen out for LVLF (Lovelife) they are the new Slick RnB/Electro Pop music sensation from Brooklyn/UK they are causing a big hype with a rapid fast following from the likes of SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with their licious, euphoric, orgasmic sound, they fuse R&B, Electro-Pop & Hip Hop elements their sound is insanely addictive.
 I've always been a fan of Leonard Newell (Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist) who previously fronted indie band Viva Brother, he joined forces with sidekick Ally Young who used to front Brighton Group Mirrors, after finding mutual inspiration from each other they relocated to New York to create and write music and find even more inspiration in a brand new environment, combining duties Newell - songwriting and singing alongside Young's production skills, the duo have combined to create an amazing partnership.

 Samuel Jackson & Frank Colucci previously from Viva Brother are also involved in this charismatic creative music project, Lee, Sam and Frank have taken an interesting musical journey i've loved all of their projects that they have been involved in, however this passion and commitment and downright refusal to give up cannot be faultered.

 Their licious choons include: 'Brave Face', 'She Makes It Look So Easy', 'Love Rush' 'Tonight (we're taking our own lives)', 'Your New Beloved', 'Doomsday', 'The Key' and lots more their sound is very lush, alluring and hypnotic you instantly fall in love with them.
 It's all about beginnings for their amazing EP 'EL Regreso' and their outstanding follow up EP 'The Fourth Floor' on new label National Anthem, you can download both EP's for free off their website:

LVLF produce perfection tracks infusing R&B influences and 80's Romantic's, in track 'Heaven' Lee talks about his experience in previous band Viva Brother with the lyrics vividly depicting the worst and best moments in the bands short time together, and in 'Your New Beloved' the lyrics are telling the story how isolating the end of a relationship can be and it does exactly that through dark imagery and symbolism, they collaborated with friend Xaphoon Jones on the track 'The Key'.

Their music and lyrics are passionate, intimate & poetic their experimental infusion creates polished Electro-Pop, they utilize swirling synth pads, flawless vocals and robust precise beats to create a blend of smooth brooding R&B and shimmering pop with more substance than most, even though they have only been around a short time the band's buzz has been growing and growing, they have crafted remixes for The Killers, Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. They are the band to watch especially with both EP's having had an incredible response with thousands of downloads under their belts congrats guys!

They have performed in London at Camden Barfly Music Venue on the 13th Dec 2012 and according to one of my friends who went along it was truly amazing.

Check out their new choon "Dying To Start Again" they never fail to disappoint me it's utter perfection, their music takes you straight to sexy town they will be stuck in your head for ages and you will be constantly hitting the repeat button!

They have currently been on their Coast to Coast USA Tour stopping through this year's SXSW Festival and now they are back in the US on their National Tour for a run of dates supporting Capital Cities before they join The Neighbourhood on the 20th May.

New EP is out on the 11th June entitled 'Stateless' so keep a look out for it it's not to be missed!! I'm now waiting impatiently for their UK Gig Dates!!

I can't wait to get my hands on some Lovelife Merchandise i'm absolutely craving it!!

Have a listen to their music and share that love!!

Lovelife will be your new obsession & your most played!!

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SilverSpark is a unique female-fronted pop/rock band from Northamptonshire (UK) with Carley on Lead Vocals/Piano and Matt on Guitar/Bass/BackingVocals/Percussion).

They combine beautiful written tracks with alluring vocals adding passionate guitar work which creates their soulful and empowering sound, they radiate their own charisma which instantly drew me to their music, listening to their songs you are left wanting more their sound has a sweetness and alluring effect, i can see wonderful potential for this great band they are extremley passionate about what they do they love making music this really shines through every song they make.
 Bringing together their extensive musical experiences mix of influences and inspirations such as: The Black Keys, Vintage Trouble, Christina Aguilera, Stereophonics, The Kinks, The Beatles, R.E.M and lots more, their songs are based on real life experiences and frustrations, songs like 'The Thief' an anthemic ballard about a journey of heartache and desperation through to redemption and hope, 'Something About You' is a melody-driven feel good track, all 6 songs off their EP 'Light The Fuse' can be downloaded from ITunes/Amazon and off their website: join their mailing list for regular updates and all the latest news.

They are gaining momentum with radio play, interviews and live broadcasts and their fan base is constantly growing, Carley and Matt shared a dream and pursued to the full and wanted to experience the wonderful journey of making music, i totally agree with what they say and i quote 'Music is a beautiful thing' we can all relate to this!
 Carley and Matt have been musicians for 4 years they have musically created between them 'Sparks' and it has never left, from all that creative juice 'SilverSpark' was formed, their absolute goal is to write, record, and perform their own music, join them on this rollercoaster of a ride they would love to have you along, this is an extremley exciting and electrifying time for SilverSpark.

Check out their music on YouTube:

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The Paper Kites

The Paper Kites from Melbourne (Australia) remind me so much of Bombay Bicycle Club they have the same dreamy indie folk vibe that i just love and crave.
 The Paper Kites consist of Sam Bentley, Christina Lacey, Dave Powys, Sam Rasmussen and Josh Bentley, you can download their latest EP 'Young North' off ITunes or via their website:

After having experienced a whirlwind success since their debut EP 'Woodland' young indie folk five piece new material has energetic euphoria feel to it, while maintaining the romantic and whimsical appeal of their current favourites, the earthy sounding instruments infuse together to create a perfect backdrop for the bands harmonic, strong and sensual voices, i have previewed some of the songs off 'Young North' and i have been buzzing with excitement ever since i have had their songs constantly on repeat, their tracks include: 'Kiss The Grass', A Maker Of My Own Time", 'Drifting" and "Paint".
 One of their songs was featured on tv show Grey's Anatomy and their hit 'Bloom' has been viewed more than a million times on youtube.

Check out their music on YouTube:

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Rebecca & Fiona

Rebecca and Fiona are the best DJ's in the world they are from Stockholm (Sweden) they create licious electronic/dance music, a shared interest in music brought these two girls together, Rebecca Scheja and Fiona FitzPatrick not only reign Sweden's club scene they have become icons in their own right and they represent what hardwork and creative combined talent can do.
 In May 2010 the girls released their first single "Luminary Ones' as 2010 ended Luminary Ones had become one of the most played songs on national radio, they toured the whole of Sweden and followed Robyn as an opening act on her european tour, 2011 became even a bigger year for Rebecca and Fiona they released their double plantinum selling single 'Bullets' and double A side 'If She Was Away/Hard' and the smash single 'Jane Doe', in November they completed everything by putting out their debut album 'I Love You, Man', they played over 100 shows all over the world alongside DJ's: Tiesto, Axwell and Kaskade.
 In 2012 the girls hit global stardom having a US tour under their belts and receiving the award for Best Electronic/Dance at the Swedish Grammy Awards, they are dedicated musicians who have amazing unique chemistry check them out on their website:

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Young UnKnowns

Introducing Young Unknowns and their first release entitled 'Target Practice' from their forthcoming debut EP 'You Are A Young UnKnown' , they're a relatively a new emerging band from Brooklyn (New York) they are fully ready to take on the indie music scene.
  A four piece led by Meredith Meyer who came to New York from LA and hooked up with Matt Arbeiter (Drummer), Mike McAllister (Guitarist) and Bryan Percivall (Bassist) since their formation they have been hard at work creating their amazing debut EP, their music combines emotionally charged and plenty of 90's style layered indie guitar work, the influences at work here are clear with the Young Unknown's sound reminiscent artists like Sonic Youth and Kate Bush, especially for fans of grungy indie.
 Download their EP from:

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L_U_N_G_S is Susie Blake (Vocals) and McLord Magaro (Lead Guitarist from The Guillemots) their genre is alternative indie warm & brooding with electronic undertones uplifted by the amazing vocal talent that is Susie Blake, they sound like Portishead, Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine you can download their music and listen to their songs via SoundCloud: with tracks entitled ' Calling My Name' 'Loner' (Demo), 'Nobody Loves You Anymore',  'Faraway' (Demo), 'Her Heart Beat' and so much more give them a listen they are fantastic.

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StarFucker (STRFKR)

StarFucker briefly known as Pyramid is an electro-pop band from Portland (Oregon) they formed in 2007, they create spacey/electro/boho-disco music it's extremley surreal to describe it even more i would say it's licious euphoria it's an experiemental infusion which just fuels my love for whole new dimension of electronia music.
 StarFucker is: Joshua Hodges (Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar/Drums), Shawn Glassford (Bass/Keyboards/Drums), Keil Corcoran Morris (Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals), StarFucker is the future of dance music they chose their name out of curiosity of how far they could get away with such a name i think they chose excellently well how many artists are out at the moment called StarFucker hardly any, they are known as STRFKER) whilst touring.
  Their songs includes: 'Born' 'Slow Dance' 'Holly' 'Mystery Cloud' 'Oblivion' and their new song to date 'While I'm Alive'.
 Discography: StarFucker (2008), Reptilians (2011), New Album Miracle Mile (2013)

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MAVERIQ is an emerging fresh new RnB/HipHop artist check out his licious debut single 'Let You Down' Feat Jay Phoenix and his most recent single to date 'Your Body' Feat Fatal HitchKoch brought to you by Breddwinnaz Entertainment check the video out on YouTube:

Both songs are from his forthcoming EP which feature lots of licious RnB and Slick Hip Hop if you like his music please share/like and enjoy.
 Well let me tell you more about Maveriq  from the tender age of 5 he knew what his calling was when he was barely holding onto his uncle's karaoke microphone, born into a predominantly musical family Maveriq's passion for music would prove somewhat inevitable with both his parents and his uncle and aunt all members of the LCGC (London Community Gospel Choir) during the early 90's.
 Having joined his church choir at the age of 6 his passion for performing solidified having moved from one of the backing vocals to lead vocalist, Maveriq spent many of his years honing his skills under the direction of his uncle, very well known gospel singer 'Nathan Prime' who built himself a home studio which Maveriq began to take advantage of by recording his first rough demo at the age of 12, it was at this point Maveriq found his true calling.
 Maveriq went through a series of transitional phases  musically throughout the course of his teenage and adult years, he joined different crews and undertook different projects but then finally found home when rapper/producer Fatal HitchKoch noticed Maveriq's phenomenal ability to sing and song write and decided to add him to the roster of his independent label Breddwinnaz Entertainments.
 After settling in quickly he set out to release his first body of work 'Room 1402' which was unleashed on Valentines Day to the masses and due to his surprise, exceeded expectations and hit 1000 downloads within the first 2 days of release, his other projects include '5Star' which he dedicated to his 5 younger siblings.

Download his singles via SoundCloud:

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King Kash

Rapper/Producer King Kash has his entitled EP 'Worth The Wait' out now which is all about finding his musical identity and make his mark on the music industry and to join the movement expressing himself through music this making him a skillful producing artist to emerge on the hip hop scene.
 With his imaginative wordplay and lyrical talent he likes to get involved in all stages of production including mixing his own music, multi-talented that is King Kash influences are: 2Pac, Outlawz, Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Jay Z, N.W.A, Wu Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes and lots more, his songs are an expression of self just listen it's a new revolution of hip hop music, his songs include: 'H.O.T' 'You're Welcome' 'Worth The Wait' 'The Game feat Sim Simma'
  Born in Ukraine to Ugandan parents and raised in East London King Kash starting rapping at the young age of 8 about the same time as he began to learn classical cello, although later stopping as a cellist he honed his rapping ability through battles in school and freestyling.
 King Kash released several tracks before finally putting together an offical mixtape 'Tha Drop' in 2005, this was swifty followed up the following year with a compilation 'The Hit Factory', 2006 also saw the creation of 'Do It Big' a monthly showcase night put together by the recording artist and was also followed up with a short period as a guest DJ on internet radio station UK Flow Tv.
 'Do It Big' ended with the release of King Kash's 'New Kash City EP' in 2008, in the years that followed King Kash built up his presence through shows, increased radio play, video plays on national tv and gaining awareness amongst bloggers, most notably 2011 being the winner of the 'I Have A Choice' showcase sponsored by Flavour Magazine in featuring as a 'Future Flavour' in their print magazine.
 2012 has seen the release of his most accomplised body of work to date you can download his EP 'Worth The Wait' on his website:

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INEGO are a new emerging space indie band with killer rock vibes, i got told about this awesome indie sensation band through my lovely friend Jack Farnworth who is the new bassist he still plays for MTW, he joined the band in November 2012 as far as i know INEGO formed in 2007, every song these boys make turns into my new favourite they fuel my love for all things indiepoptastic!!
 INEGO is: Toby Belshaw (Vocals/Guitar), Pete Mackenzie (Drums), Jack Farnworth (Bassist), their songs include 'Your Style Defeats Me' 'Ghosts' 'Unoriginal'  and 'Used To Give A Little'.
 They have performed at The Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester and The Manchester Academy back in March 2012, they have also performed in NYC which was their first ever gig back in March 2011.
 Toby & Pete have been interviewed on BBC Introducing Manchester Radio Show check the interview out on:
 If you did indie pop with a rock feel to it well you will love INEGO their upbeat go-lucky refreshing catchy choons makes me want to dance like a loon until i pass out, i see great things for this band so what are you waiting for check them out on these links:

New Beard

Creative Indie Rock sensation New Beard from Brooklyn (New York) has burst onto the music scene with distinctive experimental genre of sound, they are addictive infectious with mesmerizing and hypnotic songs.
 New Beard is: Yazan (Guitars), Tony Waldman (Drums/Vocals), TubaJoe Exley (Acoustic & Electric Tuba), Ben Wiger (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Maria Christina Eisen (Sax), their first EP released entitled 'New Beard City' check out and download their 13 track EP:
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Emma Grace

Emma Grace is a 2 piece Indie Pop piece from Toronto Ontario (Canada)  consisting of talented musician's Sam Sokoloff and Zach Crystal, to date they have completed 2 EP's '190' (2011) and their new EP 'Saturday' (2012), the EP's were self-recorded and produced at the group's home in Ontario, they combine energetic cheerful pop with hypnotic brand of passionate indie music, check out their website and give their music a listen and download their EP's for free and please share their music & spread the word

Follow them on Twitter:

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Check them out on Youtube:

More Than A Week (MTWBand)

More Than A Week is a 3 piece acoustic indie band from Manchester they are currently getting very creative working on their first EP so watch this space.
 Check them on youtube and watch A Day In The Studio so that you get a feel for them it gives you a great insight into what they are all about, watch them rehearse their material, my thoughts were what a great bunch of Northern Lads they have that Star Quality and have that indie edge.

They love writing songs they are really passionate about creating their own indietastic a blend of Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves, they have wonderful charisma too.
 The band is: Joe Storey (Singer/Songwriter/Guitar), Jack Farnworth (Bass Guitar), Dean Taylor (Drummer).

Check More Than A Week on these links:

Yung Life

Yung Life are a licious synth-pop band from Knoxville (USA) with catchy feel good choons that you just want to get up and dance and shake that booty! Synth-Pop is very popular at the moment give their music a listen you can check their music out on these links:


NEWAGE is a lush Indie Pop Band from France it is fronted by talented musician and truly gifted Amine Bouzidi, NEWAGE have an outstanding unique genre which is entirely their own, i call their songs 'Indie Pop Gems"
 Their songs/demos include: 'Electric Feel' 'Wonderful Broken Dream' 'I Feel It' 'Through Your Eyes' and 'New Beginning'.
 Give their music a listen and if you like what you hear please share with friends, you can listen to their songs by following these links:

Their music is a mix bag of great influences they remind me of The Drums and Viva Brother, their song 'Wonderful Broken Dream' reminds me so much of Viva Brother's 'Electric Daydream', NEWAGE is bringing the sound back that we lost they are the new ACIDLOVELIFE.

Check NEWAGE out on these links:

The Dusk

The Dusk are a four piece Indie/Alternative Rock Band from Cheshire (North-West England) their influences come from a wide range of elements and genres they have created their own unique stamp on their sound which is very much experimental, their sound is fresh and yet radiant the best years of mad-chester/brit-pop scene.
 The Dusk are very exciting their music has been compared to some of the world's best bands from the likes of: Doves, Happy Mondays, Muse and Radiohead, they are the band to watch.
 Their first EP 'Falling' is just amazing i got the chance to purchase this off Ebay from The Dusk themselves and i was not disappointed i couldn't stop listening to it.
 They are currently working on their 2nd EP this should be released very soon i can't wait to get my hands on it!
 Keep up to date with The Dusk by following these links:

Summer Cult

Summer Cult is a beautiful blend of dreamy, acoustic folk music they are from Syracuse NY and i instantly fell in love with their passionate moving songs.
 The female vocals are so magical their music draws you in from the start  and it drifts you off into a world of your own and it leaves you craving for more, their music bewitches you.
 Their music reminds me of: Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Steelye Span and Judy Collins a mix bag really.
 They are very passionate about writing and singing songs, they have their own surreal sound and genre i really love the harmonica featured in the songs they are extremley experimental, unique and have got lots of charisma and charm which i just adore.
 There songs include: 'Touch Me' 'I Never Drink Alone' 'The Birches & The Sun' 'Pink Shoes' 'You Wanted More' and lots more.

Check Summer Cult out on these links:



Check out Alternative Indie Pop sensation that is Amida they have an indiepoptastic sound all of their own! They are unique with their fresh indie pop music.
 Amida are Anglo/American Indie Pop five piece based in Manchester (UK) who formed in November 2005 they were featured on the acclaimed 'Kids At The Club' compliation hailed by Plan B Mag as the real sound of the indie pop underground.
 Their debut EP 'Arts & Crafts' was released on Peru based independent label Plastilina Records followed by the 'If The Waves Loves Two Suns' EP back in 2009.
 Amida have supported bands such as Camera Obscura, The Broken Family Band and Toyko Police Club and The Wave Pictures they have played the indie tracks festival in June 2008.
 Their new mini-album 'My Life As A Trashcan' was released May 18th 2012 on Seattle's legendary Jigsaw Records, their songs include: 'Starstruck Forever & Ever' ' Reversal Of Fortune' 'My Life As A Trashcan' 'I Was Rude You Were Fast' and 'Thank Constantine' their album to purchase on ITunes.

Check Aminda out on these links:


Check out Alternative/Electro Indie band that is Humi with amazing stand out tracks such as 'Urban Mess' 'Join in' and 'Hola' they are mind blowin.
 They have their own genre going on they remind me of a mixture of Bloc Party & Razorlight great stuff!
 Download demo's for free at:

Humi band are from London taking their name from the latin meaning 'On The Ground' having been inspired by the word when learning it for a latin exam.
 They have been around since early 2012 although they did play together before then just not gigging, there are four of them: Akhill (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Jamie (Lead Guitar), James (Drums/Backing Vocals) and Jez (Bass/Backing Vocals).
 They are currently recording more music so watch this space they do play regularly in London, check them out on these links:

Exclusive Interview with Jugstate

I was able to get an exclusive interview with Jugstate which he was extremley excited about, he really appreciated this so much, this interview will give you a great insight into what Jugstate is all about so enjoy:

1) How did the name Jugstate come about?

I came up with the name because i like the slogan of ALLSTATE Insurance Company which is 'In Good Hands' so i thought that Jugstate would let people know that they are in good hands as far as music.

2) Who influences your music?

Alot of people! I love Wu Tang and i am a huge fan of Jodeci so anything else between those two distinctive groups i really like.

3) How would you describe your music?

My music is a bit  unprecdictable! I remember doing shows back home in (Boston)  and i would perform for a more underground hip hop crowd and they would say it was too commercial  and then i would perform with a more commercial crowd and they would say i'm too underground but both crowds loved it lol. So my music is a mix bag of everything.

4) Is Jugstate the next big thing?

It's the next big thing for me lol, i feel that some of my material can play alongside some of today's top music artists, my sound is very relative to today's music, i think the fans will be very happy and maybe a little surprised about how good my music is.

5) When did you first start writing music & performing?

I wrote my first song when i was about 8 years old, i still remember the lyrics the song was called 'We're Funky' LMAO! It was me and my best friend at the time (Davy) I've been performing since i was about 6.

6) Please tell me about yourself, How did it all begin?

Well i was in a group called Tru Indeed, it was me and my homie Cube Ref, we formed the group in about 1999 and been doing shows and making music in Boston til 2010 when Cube Ref decided that he wanted to walk away from that part of the music business, we were 85% done with our first full length album when it happened, it was probably the most difficult thing i had to throw away in all my life, it was years of work down the tubes and i didn't just want to give up so now we have Jugstate.

7) Has music always been a big influence in your life?

I've always been a fan of music, which i think made me appreciate it more, it's been in my life since my life started, music was played all the time even on early mornings and in the street it was all around me, i like music as a whole, the different sounds, melody's, lyrics!

8) What music are you into?

I don't want to sound like everybody else and say everything but i think i really do like everything but i kinda lean towards salsa (spanish music) i really like it for some reason, i don't even understand it most of the time but i love it (strange huh? LOL.

9) Who would you say are your music icons?

I would say some of my icons are Big Daddy Kane, Jodeci, Wu Tang of course! Big fan of Jay Z and Kem.

After the interview this is what Jugstate had to say:

"Thanks for the interview Nicki...... Appreciate this lots! It was fun answering the questions LOL"

Introducing Jugstate

Jugstate is a Hip Hop/Rap sensation from Boston (USA) he is an amazing raw talent, he is set to release his EP entitled 'In Good Hands' his songs include: 'Just Like Me' feat The Elektrik Kidd, 'Selfish Satisfaction' feat Grizz Logan and 'Lead The Way' feat Diogenes.
 Check out his music:

Oh Dear Vegas

Oh Dear Vegas is all about emotions & encounters their music reflects their diverse sources of inspiration, coherntly covering a large musical spectrum combining Indie, Rock, Pop & Electro they are   an emerging French Band.
 Oh Dear Vegas are: Davy (Vocals), Seb (Vocals/Bass, Adrien (Keyboard/Piano), Julien (Drums) and Romain (Guitar).
 In May 2011 the five founder members of this unique music project decided to join forces in their desire to make music with no limits, they are like a hydra five thinking heads with one goal and ambition to hypnotize and transport you and it's well worth the ride, their songs include: ' Little Thing' 'Lilith' 'Show Her' 'Modern Love' and more.
 Check out Oh Dear Vegas for yourself on these links:

According To You

According To You are a British Indie Rock Band they are the newest kids on the block with their catchy 'No Love Lost EP' after winning a local battle of the bands contest.
 They have a youthful aura and a very distinctive sound that hasn't been heard since the 90's they are a mixture of Blur & The Pulp.
 Songs include: 'Kiss On The Doorstep' 'Why' 'One Step Ahead', they have played at big stages such as Guilfest where Razorlight have headlined  and have played on the main stage at The O2 in London where they performed The December Sessions.
 Keep updated with all the gigs dates and all the new music on these links:

The SubRosas

The Sub Rosas are a psychedelic modernist folk-tinged indie-punk rock n roll band! Retro but looking forward! The band consist of two sets of brothers who share an obsession with the great bands that have gone before, they produce music that echoes these great traditions but with an eye to the future, using modern means to put a new spin on songs with a classic sound and they do just that.
 The Sub Rosas are: Steve Dawson, Matt Heron, Peter Dawson,& Michael Heron they come from London, their musical influences consist of: The Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix and lots more.
 Their songs include: 'Game Change' 'Eyes Don't Lie' 'Don't Raise The Bet' 'Seeing Is Believing' 'Favours' and lots more, i am really excited for more songs!
 They are extremley talented and indiepunktastic check them out on these links: