Tuesday, 24 September 2013

High Safari

Let me introduce the licious indie pop party duo that is 'High Safari'

The band consists of James Parker and Nigel Gamage they formed in 2011 after they met at Sheffield University and bonded over a love for The Shins and Elliot Smith, after writing together for a year they headed into the studio on a small budget recording, producing and mixing their debut album 'Skylight' which they completed in one week the track listing consists of the following tracks:

  • Skylight
  • Hey Hombre!
  • Come Into The Night
  • Orient Express
  • Pier
  • Doves
  • Around
  • The Park
  • Waves On Waves
  • Winter
They have released the album onto bandcamp where it is available to stream and download for FREE, as soon as you clasp your ears onto this awesome music you'll be craving for more, their infectious fun lovin' sound is full of charisma & charm you will just buzz off their high energy, feel good up beat choons they get me up dancing every time they are just AMAZING!!

Download the album here: www.highsafari.bandcamp.com

Each song is beautifully put together you'll be hitting that repeat button! James & Nigel are two very creative individuals who are extremely unique with their own brand of indie pop they are the band to look out for as they are the new indie pop sensation in a class all of their own, they are not trying to sound like anyone else they have put their own twist and stamp on it with a new experimental distinctive feel to indie music that is not out today they combine energetic, cheerful pop full of passion and indie galore to boot and what i like to call infectious licious ear candy now that's what you want when you listen to music you want something new and different and these boys really deliver that.

Every song off 'Skylight' stands out it is just utter perfection and is absolutely flawless, check them out and if you love indie music with a licious twist of pop then 'High Safari' is the band for you so if you like what you hear please share with your friends and spread the word.

High Safari have that STAR QUALITY check them out on these links: