Sunday, 16 June 2013

Tokyo Taboo

Tokyo Taboo are awesome!!! Licious Ear Candy!!!

You know you get that feeling when you first hear a song & you instantly love it & you think "Ooooooh yeah this is what i'm talking about' this is what you get when you hear their music.

Female fronted band Tokyo Taboo is a fusion of fun punk with pop/rock elements they are currently working with Gwen Stefani & No Doubt's producer they are rapidly growing a loyal fan base & building alot of momentum.

Listen to 'Naked' the band's latest single from their new EP of the same name, the EP was recorded with the amazing Adam Moseley in LA California whose credits include: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Eurythmics, Ben Howard, The Cure & Lenny Kravitz to name a few.

Their music is pop-frenzy galore they are bringing high energy excitement back to the music scene in a  genre that deserves it, they are an infectious licious fun-loving band who will make you dance your socks off, embrace your wild & crazy side & unleash your inner party animal because this music craves it.

'Naked' is pure fun it's licious ear candy so crank up the volume because Tokyo Taboo need to be played very loud indeed you will want their music bouncing/echoing around your room you with it highly addictive stuff.

They have toured internationally & played amazing venues like Whiskey A Go Go (LA, USA), The Viper Room (LA, USA), KL Live (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) & festivals such as CMJ (NYC), SXSW (Austin), Culture Collide (LA), the band recorded with Adam Moseley in California a few months ago.

Check out their licious ear candy music on Soundcloud:

Tokyo Taboo are heavily influenced by the 80's, retro styles, japanese culture (visuals, cartoons etc) bright colours, cool make-up and inspired by classic 80's music such as David Bowie, Eurythmics, Queen, Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Blondie & today's artists such as Katy Perry, Pink, Alanis Morrisette, No Doubt & The Ting Tings,  the name Tokyo Taboo comes from there love of Japan and talking about taboo subjects stuff you know stuff you shouldn't say, i instantly liked them i love the fun-loving chemistry & their bubblebum pop/punk music personality this really represents their music as a whole, they are really passionate about performing, writing & being in the studio, at their shows prepare for a rollercoaster ride they own the stage they love interacting with their fans, you really are part of the whole experience as their infectious high energy bounces off them such a great feeling, Toyko Taboo get a real buzz from performing at their shows they really love the whole creation part of the music stuff (lyrics/melodies etc).

They have been featured on TV & Radio Shows such as The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show (BBC Radio 1), Must Be The Music (Sky1) & Louie Spence's Showbusiness (Sky1).

Their awesome choon 'Naked' showcases both the band's poppy, colourful & fun-loving side with the EP's bubblegum title track & a darker side with 'He Hit Me' & 'Sugar Lies' where lyrics such as 'I kissed him to get you/so you'd smell him on my skin' depict how fucked up a relationship can become, when all you want is to hurt each other rather than feel nothing at all.

The EP's cover depict Tokyo Taboo's front woman nude flying through the air suspended by metallic balloons i love the funky vibrant cover art for this EP very thought provoking it showcases the band's love all things crazy, colourful & the Japanese Visual's that they love they really embraced the whole theme & infused it into this piece of hysteric glamour as i like to call it.

They have got lots of gigs lined up here are some of them so make sure you get to one of their shows:

19th June - Live at The Comedy (Leicester)
27th June - Unplugged on Reading 4 U
2nd July - Unplugged on Liberty Fm
17th July - Live at The Luxe (Spitalfields)
26th July - Live at The Embassy
27th July & 28th July - Hyper Japan!

So in a nutshell Tokyo Taboo is hardcore bubblegum pop/punk frenzy galore with rock interlacing, strong melodies/catchy infectious hooks & a whole lot of heavy synth lines, they aim to electrify.
 They keep you longing for more and you won't able to get their music out of your head, their sound represents lot of different styles and influences that lay just beneath the surface they are totally in a class of their own i absolutely love this band and you should too.

So what you waiting for go check out Tokyo Taboo now on these links:

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Daft Punk 'Random Access Memories'

When French disco droids Daft Punk (aka Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo) emerged in the mid 90's they were coolly mysterious, shrouding their identities behind masks & databanks.

 With forth studio album Ramdom Access Memories they've turned that enigmatic streak into iconography - hailing it's arrival with chart-trouncing rare electro-groove of Pharrell-fronted single 'Get Lucky'.

RAM feels like an ambitious upgrade from the duo's formative work (1997 debut Homework; the anthem filled Discovery; anime & arthouse flicks).

Pharrell's smooth croon on 'Lose Yourself To Dance' is underpinned by a robo-vocoder urging 'c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, while Julian Casablancas has a blast on 'Instant Crush' & the theatrical vocals of Paul Williams. Most of the robots here sound like they have bleeding hearts, including the mid-tempo, soft rock-laced ballads 'The Game Of Love' & 'Within'.

RAM is one hell of a funky machine of an album!!!!

Advice From A Caterpillar (AFAC)

AFAC a folk/indie band from Manchester formed in spring 2011 from a mutual committed ambition to seriously pursue a career in songwriting & to push the conventions of modern music, the five piece combine elements of charismatic ambience & charming folk with catchy melodic, pop hooks (in the same vein as The Beach Boys, Minus The Bear) to create a unique, passionate & intense sound.

The band independently released their debut 5 track EP 'Many Worlds' which include: 'Knots', 'Gravity', 'The Middleton Tooth Museum', 'The Hatches' & 'Ballast in the Bloodstream' on their own label as a free digital download they recorded it with world reowned producer/sound engineer John Delf who has worked previously with the likes of: Plan B, The Script & Lily Allen, it's available as a super limited edition CD so be sure to get hold of a copy, it's been professionally mastered for an enhanced pleasurable listening experience & it contains an exclusive bonus track from

their upcoming release EP 'Desiderates' tracks include: Bones, Afterglow, Gravity (Acoustic), Undex (Quantum Immortality) both are available on Bandcamp so go & hit that link & download their music it's all free

The band consists of: Kyle Williams - Vocals/Guitar, Olly Pinfold - Vocals/Guitar, Hamlyn Deas - Sax/Keys/Programming, Ian Murray - Bass/Vocals & David Grant - Drums/Percussion.

Okay so they might be named after a song from the musical adaption of Alice in Wonderland however this Manchester quintet prove themselves to have the same amount of musical grace & grandeur that you may find in wonderland.
 Their music isn't rock heavy, or hard hitting in your face indie it's more licious alternative hippy folk infused with mellow indie which i find to be very charismatic & enchanting so what are you waiting for go & get some free music from this melodramatic ambient band, check them out on YouTube you will find 'The Making of Many-Worlds' one to watch!!

Catch AFAC on these links: