Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ice Chrystalls

Ice Chrystalls amazing band from Essex (UK) have been compared to the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Bangles & The GoGo's, inspirations include REM, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato & Evanescence, they forge their own style of genre and put a stamp on their own sound which is very much their own, i would describe it as a new dimension in Alternative Acoustic Indie-Pop.

The band consists of Deanna Christall & Emily Ince - (Vocals), Laura Yapp - (Bass), Derrick Yapp & Callum Gutteridge - (Guitars)

They have played alot of variety shows & recorded their own video demo's for every song they have covered which helped them to get coverage and their foot in the door, it came to a point where they wanted more and to pursue their musical ambitions and they together came up with the name Ice Chrystall's.

In Feb 2012 Deanna, Emily and Derrick started writing songs of their own which included 'Beat' which was the first one and a live demo was recorded and uploaded to YouTube other originals include 'Darkness', 'Silence', 'Shadows', 'Verity', 'Stronger', 'Wonderland', 'City Lights' and 'One Day'.

Currently No1 in their local alternative following in excess of 13,00 on the internet, their YouTube video's include 'Silence' & Unplugged versions of original songs 'Beat', 'City Lights', 'Silence' and 'Stronger' also various covers such as 'Untouched' (The Veronicas), 'Skyscraper' (Demi Lovato), 'I Write Sins' (Panic At The Disco), 'Little Things' (One Direction), 'Here Without You' (3 Doors Down) and 'Valerie' (Amy Winehouse).

'Beat' & 'Wonderland' have received radio airplay on several internet radio shows, since then they have gained much radio attention on Museboat, Slip Stream, Rocker's Dive, Stork's Nest, John's Rock Show, Breakout Radio amongst others.

There music is enchanting and spellbinding pure acoustic indie-pop galore full of creative personalised songs that are full of charisma and charm with gritty guitars, each song has beautiful melodies and wonderful hamonies which result in spectatular vocal strengths.

They are making their own impact on the music scene i love musicians who are passionate about song writing and performing they are a rare gem in my eyes, come and join them on this exciting journey as they have a bright 2013 ahead indeed.

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Lumpsum Ft Maya Wolff

 Producer Lumpsum was contacted by Maya Wolff a talented singer seven months ago & was just blown away with the offer to collaborate on a track together, all the way from New Zealand Christchurch Producer Lumpsum was excited to work with someone overseas himself and Maya used every resource at their disposal to create their experimental electronic/dance/dubstep fusion & song titled 'Trusting You'.
 A music Video is in the works to be released in a few months which will be filmed in the UK and produced in Auckland New Zealand.

For a preview of the track please visit soundcloud:

Brodie Lumsden AKA 'Lumpsum' is a New Zeland dubstep producer known for his remix of 'Wonderwall' by Oasis, popularity grew in the US with the remix of Alice Deejay's 'Better Off Alone' in 2011, Aug 2012 saw the digital release of the 'Subconscious' EP which with the aid of Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud & YouTube spread to 50 countries around the globe.

 Mid 2012 saw the birth of electronic alias 'Lumpsum' EDM blog 'Smash' & label 'Smash Recordings', 7 appearances on independent radio stations gaining DJ residency.
 He is currently working on an album set to be released mid to late 2013, currently appearing at a number of venues and festivals around the south island of New Zealand.
 Lumpsum has developed a unique blend of music & live performance to entertain crowds for hours.

Maya Wolff is a german singer/songwriter & dancer from Canterbury (UK), started at the age of 19 singing & dancing in a pop band that toured secondary schools & youth events in the south west east of england for 2 years, slowly moving away from pop music in 2006 she found her own company called 'Eximo' that delivers dance/singing & music training as well as performances, through Eximo Maya has been teaching & touring over the years & has been seen dancing alongside names such as DJ Luck & MC Neat, with the business up & running 2012 has been the year for Maya to focus on her music career once again, now in 2013 she has got piles of unreleased songs & a mind set on producing bass & electronic music, she is now colloborating with great musical talent all around the world and planning to perform at clubs & festivals.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Plastic Revolution

The Plastic Revolution is your rock/grungy alternative band from San Diego (LA) with an awesome pop punk sound their music is edgy & passionate, punktastic their music is constantly evolving.

Their sound comes from a range of eclectic tastes & influences including: Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, 60's & 70's Rock, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, The Killers & Green Day, they are all inspired by each others influences and love that they all come from diverse backgrounds.

They remind me of Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, My Chemical Romance & Green Day but they define their own amazing sound, they are a combination of emotions & experiences deep within an adolescent mind living in a new millennium.

They are currently working on their third studio album & planning bigger tours, what to expect from their gigs is: High Energy, Lots of Dancing and a Rock Experience that will leave you breathless.

The Plastic Revolution is: Jake Skolnick - Vocal's/Electronic's, Nick Brownless - Guitar/Vocal's, Eddie Phanichkul - Bass/Vocal's, Nick Turner - Drums & Regina Brown - Violin/Keyboard, they are currently signed to Mannequin Vanity Record's as they both had the same vision a strong need & passion to stick with their punk roots & to keep developing their sound.

They have played at iconic venues such as Hollywood, Chicago, New York City & Paris, they have released two studio albums entitled ' Planning For Chaos' & 'Postmodern Medicine'.

I love their licious punk energy all their songs have great depth  not often heard in today's punk music scene, the vocal's have true feeling really pure class with hard hitting rockness every song is memorable their sound is solid punk with grungy guitar work & electronic interlacing which takes you straight to sexy town, they are one of San Diego's most beloved underground pop punk bands.

You can find their music on: Reverbnation, Spotify, ITunes & Amazon their current songs include 'Domino', 'Empire State', 'Wasted Darling' & lots more, buy their music it will be one of your most listened too.

Their sound is bursting with delish punkness & excitement full of catchy hooks with a deep collection of lyrics, the foursome added Regina Brown an accomplished orchestra violinist who's previously toured with Rihanna.

They have a new song which is available on called 'Highway Sailor' download it now.

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

DJ YRS Jerzy & Chox-Mak

This hip hop duo have been on their grind for several months now with singles, video's & mixtapes, they've been continuously working dropping projects together which is obviously paying off for them.
 Their mixtape is entitled 'Nine Eleven' it features several artists that Chox-Mak works with in the US (Jacksonville) & other cities.

DJ YRS Jerzy is the latest signing to the SKE Records Roster check out his chat on YouTube with Journalist KP Harrison on his heavy mixtape grind, the excitement of being down with SKE Records and his early influences.

DJ YRS Jerzy & Chox-Mak are taking over the underground urban music scene their licious choon called 'Make It Last' is something you can bump & grind too full of urban flava & licious vibes, they don't plan on slowing up their grind anytime soon.

Their anticipated single 'This Is My Life' was made for everyone that goes through hard times and just needs something to keep them motivated.

DJ YRS Jerzy & Chox-Mak have been busy dropping numerous tracks now with different producers, they have now dropped the track entitled 'Show And Prove' it is alot different from all the other tracks they have dropped it's basically all about making things happen, again another licious track which has you hooked you from start to finish, they always bring something new with their music this is why i like them so much, their music speaks for it's self they put their own stamp on their sound & style, they don't try and sound like anyone! 'Show & Prove' has a Detroit based trap sound that was brought in by Lex Gunna an on the rise producer who is also managed by DJ YRS Jerzy.

DJ YRS Jerzy of SKE Records has done an interview with Atlanta's own Home Team Radio about managing artists, favorite rappers & DJ's in the game & also future artists he would like to work with in the industry go check it out on his YouTube, he is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising DJ's in the game right now & there is alot more music yet to come so watch this space.

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Aylin Eser

Aylin Eser is a brand new Indie band from Melbourne Australia with combined talents of Aylin Eser a singer with charming & charismatic, smooth silky vocals & Will Larsen an award winning producer, composer & multi-instrumentalist , together they write & create catchy melodic pop somewhere between Sara Bareilles & Rumer, Aylin's lyrical poetry is as fascinating as it is meaningful finds it's way amongst Will's harmious orchestral touches & pop sensibility, their EP is currently available on ITunes.

Their chemistry is pure gold their track entitled 'Arrows of Desire' could be straight out of a Bond Movie Theme, their music really stands out it is pure listening pleasure they break the mould so to speak.

Radio Stations have been giving their music a spin including: Butterflies Radio, Traxx Radio, Ultimate Jamz Radio & others, their songs include 'Dolls & Trolls', 'One More Chance', 'Dancing Shoes'.

They remind me Norah Jones, Joan Baez & Judy Collins but with their own spellbinding & enchanting stamp on it, their influences are real soulful singers with depth & richness to their sound they include: Etta James, Nina Simone, 60's/early 70's, John Lennon a wonderful combination of inspirations, they got chatting about music one day & have been together ever since & what a great duo it has creating a great team of two musicians brought together by their passion for writing & making music.

They love having super connections with their fans this is extremely important, artists need to share their work & be inspired by the people around them in order for them to keep creating.

They are planning to shoot a video for 'One More Chance' which is the 4th song on the EP, they are going on a European Tour starting in Istanbul & working their way to the UK & then recording an album they have written in total 17-18 songs it's all very exciting.

Their website has just launched they would absolutely love it if you went & checked it out:

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Kill For Company

Kill For Company are not your usual indie/rock duo they have you hooked from start to finish with their darkly delicious gritty grunge sound.
 They are currently signed to Manchester Independent Label Longevity Records with an exciting future & big plans ahead, Kill For Company is: Michael Banfield - (Vocals/Guibass) & Mark O'Donoughue - (Drums), they are deeply infectious with their hard hitting guitar riffs and mesmerizing dark vocals they have already been favoured by local radio stations.

They produce raw, abrasive music with plenty of gritty distorted guitar it showcases everything that the band is about.
Their brand new 2nd EP entitled 'Alternative To Living will be released alongside an accompanying music video on the 20th April, they have been confirmed to play South Manchester's best new music festival on the 21st June 'Headliner Festival' it's one of the best music festival's in South Manchester taking place in Stockport.

Kill For Company will also be appearing at LakeFest voted one of the 10 best new UK Festival's with the likes of Ocean Colour Scene, The Beat, The Leveller's taking place on the 9th & 11th August.

The Guibass was created by Michael Banfield in essence a lead guitar with two bass strings at the low end re-jig the pick ups, adjust the strings & then split the signal through a bass & lead amp so the GuiBass was born, surprisingly you could get a really full sound in the studio & at live showcases, this new instrument gave them freedom to experiment.

Their music is pure class straight out of the heart of Manchester home of the best music scene need I say more, think Joy Division mixed with dark undertones of The Artic Monkey's.
 They have created their own distinctive licious sound that is insanely addictive, their first EP was LoFi Alternative Rock which sold out very quickly & brought the duo to the attention of local radio stations such as: M/cr Radio Online, 4Q Magazine, Rainy Skies Magazine, Salford City Radio & Michelle Hussey at BBC Introducing, their second EP promises to have a more progressive experimental feel to it as it does just that they have put their own stamp on their licious sound, they bring together the best of unique music with a simultaneously attitude they are going to be massive.

Opening track 'Alternative To Living' is worth remembering as the grungy guitar & Mike's vocal's provides the perfect combination that keeps you interested.
 'Black & White' is by far the most laid back track on the EP, 'Push' is raw but not to much in your face it builds up throughtout before gathering pace & delivering a punch that knocks you for six.
 Alternative To Living is pure experiemental it pushes your buttons throughtout & your left craving for more, you'll have their songs hitting repeat.

I love this band they make sure that the listener's ears are totally engrossed their music is hard to ignore when you stop listening you get withdrawal symptoms, they have a box of tricks ready to unleash onto the listener, it's what you would expect from a band with a 'Guibass' a guitar/bass hybrid that was designed & made by it's owner.

I really suggest that you go & buy their music, it will be the best thing you have bought this year & it's probably the best thing you will listen too by far so what you waiting for.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Palms & Pelicans

Four piece male & female fronted awesome Alternative Indie/Rock band with a bit of grunge thrown in for good measure from The New Forest (UK) they have just recently released their debut EP entitled 'Float'.
 Palms & Pelicans have got their own unique style and distinctive genre going on they are not trying to be anybody they have used their influences and inspirations and moulded this into their own sound and that's what I love about them, they are purely passionate about making music and writing music they have something really special about them a rare gem that we rarely come across I gotta say unsigned music is where the talent is and they prove this statement fully they are extremely talented musicians.

Palms & Pelicans are: Jack Lawerence - (Guitar/Vocals), Mattea McKinnon - (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Cummings - (Bass) and Will Woodfine - (Drums).
First release 'Float' has had frequent airplay on BBC Sussex and was recently aired by Tom Robinson on BBC6, Amazing Radio, Pure FM, Radio Hope FM they have all gave their music a spin.

It's teen-angst melancholy with euphoric uplifting choruses and dual harmony melodies against crunchy rock guitar riffs which is pure gold their songs include 'Cut The Sky', 'Float' 'Namsong Bridge' & 'Little Soldier', download the 4-track EP for free at:

Palms & Pelicans are infectious with lavishings of acoustic rock to boot they are full of charisma with hard hitting energy and catchy songs they are instantly likeable, Mattea McKinnon's raw and powerful vocals definitely make Palms & Pelicans stand out as one great indie/rocktastic band, all of their songs are full of emotion and passion and their harmonies are brilliant flawless in fact you'll have their songs on repeat they are the band to watch!!

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


It's party season so i'm hitting repeat with this wild electric union of a girl & boy from Paris (France) brought together by life, just like other couples make love they music!
 They write, sing & produce all their own tracks, it's pure sweaty grooves & sensuality mixing electro-dance and electro-pop this is what they are all about, the stage and your playlist is where they are heading, their sound is the coolest thing ever utter perfection comes to mind this is what summer sounds like so crank up the volume! Expect lots of electro-dance energy, they are my new-fave especially licious choons like 'Wild Child' & 'Essential' they are full on lush ear candy they fuel my love for all things that is wild and sexy and puts the fun back into the dance music scene.

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