Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Unsigned/Independent 26 year old singer/songwriter & composer Amy-Letitia from Manchester is a rare gem/pure gold in her own right she is the real deal, her music is full of mystery & charm it's constantly evolving.
 She is absolutely breathtaking she delivers emotionally charged charismatic songs which are alluringly appealing, hypnotic & mesmerizing you will probably want to remember this girl's name as you will be hearing alot more from her, she has such a powerful voice which is pure and delicate she shares beautiful vocal similarities with the likes of Kate Bush & contemporary classical singer Hayley Westenra.

She is the face of unsigned music this is where the true talent is right here in independent music she's totally in a class of her own with her own unique & distinctive style of sound, she deserves your undivided attention her music will stick in your head for a long time.

Amy started to recognise her talent when she began writing music at the age of 12, learn't to play keyboard at the age of 13 and taught herself how to play the piano, much of a quiet child  she kept most of her feelings & emotions within herself her music became her tool to communicate the feelings that she couldn't speak.

Her licious & beautiful song 'Big Bear Hug' had it's first radio play on BBC Radio Manchester on the 6th July 2013 This is what Michelle Hussey (Presenter) for BBC Radio Manchester had to say:

'I couldn't switch her off, i had to listen to all the tracks one after the other again & again (in regards to songs 'Big Bear Hug', Ruby Slippers' & 'Vomit at my heart' it's just a really beautiful piece of work i really like her'

All her songs are written & composed by Amy-Letitia, piano & vocals by Amy, violin on 'Big Bear Hug' & 'Ruby Slippers' by Karolina Ignatowicz, violin on 'Vomit out my heart' by Tim Allen, recorded at Blueprint Studios Manchester.

Amy has been working on her EP 'Holding Stars' over the last year recording at Blueprint Studios & has just had her launch gig at Night & Day Cafe in Manchester on the 21st May which has also been released on itunes aswell as 200 other online stores, she wrote the visual conception & chose the location & props to her first music video for 'Big Bear Hug' which is the most beautiful music video i have ever seen amazing location i want to go there!!!

Her track list for Holding Stars:

  • Holding Stars
  • Big Bear Hug
  • Ruby Slippers
  • Vomit out my heart
  • The Cold Whisper
  • Like Heaven

Her songs are so passionate very charismatic they lure you in with charm & mystery they send shivers down my spine so captivating it's licious ear candy absolutely gorgeous, two words to describe her is 'Flawless' & 'Perfection', i instantly fell in love with her music after hearing 'Big Bear Hug' you crave for more, her music arrangement is outstanding & beautifully put together.

One extremley talented lady she has been writing & composing music for over 13yrs, she's had the experience of singing in front of 2,000 people at The Palace Theatre Manchester as part of a Xmas production with the Kings Church Choir in 2007 & supporting Lacrae one of America's most successful independent artists as part of a UK tour, has also sang as head soprano of the University of Ulster Chamber Choir & choir touring in Northern Ireland in cathedrals, shopping centres & universities in 2006-2007.

Has appeared on ALLFM Radio in 2009 which got her radio play for her songs 'Personal Angel' & 'Conversation' aswell as being interviewed.

She loves listening to various genres of music from which she takes inspiration material such as: Bjork, Kate Bush, Niki & The Dove, Enya, Grimes, Lana Del Rey, Bats For Lashes, Florence & The Machine to orchestral film composers such as John Debney, Hans Zimmer & James Horner & classical crossover singers like Hayley Westenra & Charlottte Church to post rock ballads like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion.

Quoting Amy she has said 'It's hard for me to box myself in because i transend genre, i write from a subconscious place of mind, my music is a reflection of everything i am', 'Music is who i am, not what i do'.

She writes to become one with her emotions to engage in her subconscious, thoughts & to express her feelings, music is her childhood saviour, her companion, closest friend & therapy, music has always been an integral part of her life, you can't define her music it's so distinctive & unique that's what i love about her she writes thought provoking lyrics and delicious melody lines.

I can really feel the elements of Bat For Lashes, Enya, Bjork, Florence & The Machine & Kate Bush in her music which i just adore it's an experimental licious fusion of different styles & influences full of ambience.

Listen to her music & hit that replay button & spread the word about the most amazing & charismatic singer around.

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