Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Planes

Indie Rock The Planes an unsigned band from Portsmouth Southern England for fans of The Strokes, Palma Violets, The Kooks their current EP 'On Demand' is out now!!

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They've been gigging since Feb 2011, played gigs with Club NME supporting up and coming acts like Cerebral Ballzy, Jumping Ships and Sad Day For Puppets, they have even reached the finals of The Wedgewood Rooms, having enjoyed local success the lads are now keen on bringing their sound to a larger audience across the country with 2013 lining up to be a big year for them.

The Planes are: Mike Smith (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Sam Wardle (Lead Guitar), Chris Smith (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Ollie Shaw (Drums)

Their influences include: Blur, Two Door Cinema Club, The Beatles, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, The Smith, Razorlight, The Cure and Artic Monkeys.

The Planes second EP 'On Demand' is bursting at the seams with polished indie rock that radiate that they are an amazing indietastic band who are forging their own genre and style, they are unique in their own right.

All their music includes crunchy guitar riffs, passionate songwriting, catchy songs, flawless vocals, their songs will be stuck in your head for ages.

Opener on 'On Demand' entitled 'See You Next Tuesday' defines the sound of the EP this is the band to watch!! This is what the indie/rock scene is missing they fill that gap with their licious infectious experimental sound!! Have a listen to their music and share the love.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sidney Tyrone Sterling

Sidney Sterling an emerging music producer only 22yrs old from Tallahassee Florida born in Oxfordshire England makes creative rhythmic psychedelic fusion funk! He has always been involved in music from an early age he started rapping and making lyrics were almost like solving a math equation only with words.
 His goal is to make inspiring and creative music that is harmony driven and to follow his dreams and his heart where his music production is concerned, he has completed 14 music projects in the past 6 years including compilations with other artists, he classifies his music as pictures in frames.
 Multi-skilled who skills include: Mixing, Production Arrangement and Music Production his sounds and music is psych-funk at it's best combining lots of different music styles and genres.
 His music show's his determination to be a success in his own right and the personal achievement he dreams of having, he has immense passion and great talent.
 To describe Sidney's music as a whole it's experimental and progressive with bubbling tones and spacey patterns.
 His current music project is entitled 'There Are Million's Of Names In The World' tracks include: 'Thumbed The Roll', 'Black Thursday', 'King Author', 'Charles Sterling', 'The Machine Discharged Numbers' to name a few.
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Sunday, 10 March 2013

The BoonDock Hippy

The BoonDock Hippy is Acoustic/Folk from London (UK) which i like to describe as folk galore with hippy groovy vibes!
 Steve Keenlyside is an extremley talented musician Hippy at Heart! He is an acoustic/singer/songwriter originating from The Shetland Islands but now lives in London, along with Steve The BoonDock Hippy consists of: Rex Pearson (Lead Guitar), Andy McSweeney (Bass Guitar), Dan Szymczak (Drums) and Abhs Joshi (Percussion).
  Their recent EP 'Dylan's Gold' has been received really well on all social networks their track listing includes: 'Let It Ride', 'Watchin The World', 'Keep Ahead Of Your Rival's', 'Run', 'Crunchtime', 'Ol Man Murphy', 'Mothership', 'Karma Calling' and 'Rocker To Raver', They blend passionate creative rhythmic acoustic guitar riffs with charming melodies their collection of infused folk music make unique personalised tracks.
 Their previous EP entitled 'Chasing The Winter' was inspired by The Endless Winter (A very UK Surf Movie) they wrote a couple of songs dedicated to it these include: 'Wipe Out', 'Seekers', 'Maverick' and 'The Endless Winter' another folk fusion which combines soulful acoustic songs.
  Influences consist of: Dylan, Hendrix, Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons who were about preaching strong messages of equality and peace.
 They have been playing alot of pub shows and smaller venues in and around London, the group has immense passion and great talent who love creating music!

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