Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Bedroom Hour

The Bedroom Hour is a dynamic indie/acoustic melodic band from West London!

Get their debut EP 'Themes' now off soundcloud:

Their suburb guitar work sets in motion songs of pure warmth & optimism their songs are just damn lovely their power-charged choons include: 'Midnight Game', 'X Marks The Spot', 'Shadow Boxer', 'Submarine', 'Nocturnal' & 'Heart Will Haunt'

The Bedroom Hour consists of:
  • Stuart Drummond - Vocals
  • Rob Payne - Guitar
  • Dan Rider - Bass
  • Mark Dudley - Keyboard
  • Lewis Cosham - Drums

The heady mix of experience, knowledge & talent in these five individuals makes the dynamic of the band both unique & charismatic, all members contribute to ideas/songwriting the whole creative process, all of their tracks are recorded & mixed at their own studio space in Uxbridge.

The passionate vocals are from the depths of the writers heart, the strong impact of the drums fills each song throughtout, catchy guitar hooks consisting of pulsating basslines & teasing guitar riffs it's a licious fusion of rock & roll energy & emotionally-charged lyrics that you keep you longing for more, each songs have great intro's they produce beautiful indie ballads that are real gems full of charisma & charm.

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The Delinquents

The Delinquents are a 4 piece Indie Rock band hailing from the North West, the boys formed in 2010 & have played many local gigs across the Lancashire as well as gracing the music capital of the world MANCHESTER.

 They recorded their first EP 'Electric' at Studio Studio, Whitworth in the spring of 2013 along with 4 other unreleased tracks for their upcoming album including: 'Falling (Breaking Down)', 'Jenny', 'Supersonic Girl' & 'Electric', they are well known for their energetic live shows & catchy upbeat tunes providing strong vocal hooks, sexy guitar riffs, deep gritty basslines & tight drum beats.

Inspiration comes from bands such as Kings Of Leon. The Libertines, Artic Monkey's, Kasabian & Miles Kane, The band is: Patrick Holt - Vocals, Tom Sipocz - Guitar, Tom Healey - Bass, Tom Bedlow - Drums.

"Don't kick it till you lick it"

You'll want to remember this awesome band, chances are you will be hearing alot more from them, The Delinquents represent independent music they are totally in a distinctive unique class of their own, they have took all their inspiration from the bands they love and put their own stamp & twist on their sound all of their songs stay true to the indie music scene this is what i love about them, they are very much a modern-day band in essence who deliver pure class british indie music that we all love & crave (true geniuses) they are the real deal so check out their licious indie choons for yourself and share with all your friends send The Delinquents your support they will really appreciate it.

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P.E.S.T - Elevation ft Audra Nishita

Ben Johnson & Raphael Zak aka P.E.S.T release their amazing drum & bass debut single 'Elevation' on Artillery Records featuring licious vocals from Audra Nishita & two very different mixes from the guys, a dubstep version & a distinctly 90's sounding original breakbeat mix, i can't enough of this awesome choon i'm constantly hitting that repeat buttton it's addictive stuff.
  P.E.S.T have had success with their unofficial bootlegs which consistently reached the top 10 on Hype Machine, their remix of Florence & The Machine's 'Rabbit Heart' reached No1 on Hype Machine scoring over 10,000 plays on soundcloud & 300,000 views on Youtube, these remixes have landed them radio support from Kiss 100, XFM, NME Radio, Rinse FM as well as East Village Radio in New York, they have also had DJ backing from the likes of Annie Mac & Eddie Temple Morris, they have done remixes for Island Records before joining Artillery Records.

Snippets of quotes about the single:

  • Sounds nice - Andi Durrant (Capital FM)
  • The original is proper - Brent Aquasky
  • Excellent EP, Original is the winner for my sets - Cut La Roc
  • Great summer stuff here Great Vibes - James D'Ley
Check out P.E.S.T ON these links & spread the word i hope you enjoy 'Elevation' as much as i do, look out for more Artillery releases coming soon:


Kodeta deserve your undivided attention they are sure to get the summer ablaze, they have the right elements to stick in your head for a long time you'll be craving for more.
 Drenched in a licious mixture of Rock/Dance reeking of experimentalism & displaying a sizeable Drum & Bass scar, Kodeta is returning from a musical expedition clutching a new species of song with choons like 'Lost From The Start', 'Shadow of a Doubt', 'Roundabouts' & 'Hypnotized' are from their 2012 summer EP release 'CIRCADIAN'.

Kodeta are charismatic, tightly performed, eclectic & captivating with licious songs that are totally mesmerising, you have the acoustic drive of ' Shadow of a Doubt', the swirling rock vibe & soaring vocals of 'Hypnotized', ambient guitars & unblemished harmonies, alluringly appealing & radio friendly, all their licious choons have such an awesome sound you'll be hitting that replay button.

 Kodeta set off at the turn of the century & following a relentless display of prowess at over 70 shows in the last year alone, serious noise is being made in the Norfolk music scene, sky is the limit for Kodeta.

They got some live shows coming up those include:

  • Bumper, 30th July, Liverpool
  • The Silver Bullet, 3rd August, London

Check out Kodeta on these links & start to spread the word: Which showcases live performances at Epic Studios! BBC Introducing in Norfolk - Kodeta in interview with Sophie Little!

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Sonic Revolvers

The Sonic Revolvers are a Rock band from Cheshire (UK) mixing an alternative, classic rock sound they have an EP out called 'Suns Of Mercury' tracks include 'Gunshot', 'Plastic Rock', 'Feverglass', 'Sunset Bridge' & 'The March Of A Million', their influences consist of a range of rock icons including: Nirvana, The Foo Fighters & The Manics they are currently signed to Freaky Pug Records.

 It all started out as the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Richey Jones, he had been playing drums in bands for years & had decided to set up a band himself, he met Darrell through a friend & the two soon hit off rehearsing & jamming the songs Richey had already written over the previous year.
 They soon needed a Bass & Drummer & put an ad in the local newspaper & soon they recevied huge interest they were really surprised by the amount of interest in the group, auditions were soon underway & the lucky two chosen were Mike Jones (Drums) & Phil Mealing filling the Bass spot they both joined  in December 2010.

The social media had been building at a rapid pace following their gig shows & the release of their album release, the album launch was on the 22nd May they performed in public for the first time to family, friends & people curious to who these Sonic Revolvers were, their first EP entitled 'Songs for the Revolution' was released the next day on iTunes in September 2011 the band performed at a battle of the bands organised by local media company 'Mako Media', it was the first chance to play alongside other established bands & show case themselves to a bigger crowd, the prize - a fully produced music video free of charge, the band saw this as a big chance to show people what they were all about & luckily for them the crowd & judges agreed they came 1st & the prize was theirs.

The video for 'Songs for the Revolution' was released on March 26th 2012 via YouTube as well as the single on iTunes, it really took off fast with hundreds of views coming in the first two days with people commenting on how good the video looked with it's though provoking message, the band continued to play live & push the video in the hope of reaching more people with their hard & loud rock music.

They headed into the studio in Auguest 2012 to record a new EP, with the EP ready they started the promo & the PR work in getting people to hear the new material, 'Plastic Rock' was was unleashed on sound cloud for all to hear with the news that the band was releasing a new EP called 'Suns Of Mercury'.

 'Plastic Rock' was released as a free download on bandcamp with people rushing out to own the song, the release date for the EP was set for November 30th with a special gig at The Box in Crewe, people could also order cd's through the bands website as well as the iTunes version, reviews for the EP came in & were all very positive.

The Sonic Revolvers signed with Freaky Pug Records in January 2013 & the label released the EP through them, with a new video doing the rounds & a new album in the pipe line the band showed no sign of slowing down.

Here are some snippets of reviews about 'Suns Of Mercury'

  • With the tracks erupting after the first guitar strike & not stopping until the EP is over the band have really pulled out all the stops with this powerful melodic to the bone... Absolutely breath taking EP: Intamission Music
  • The Sonic Revolvers have produced a stand-up EP with 'Suns Of Mercury', emotionally leaving the listener demanding more, & should unquestionably be a mammoth knockout for any admirer of power-driven, raw, rock music: ArenaCast
  • ....with it's churning, chugging guitars, leering bass, thrusting drums, strutting vocal, sullied by smear of grime, old style rock & roll charismatically dirtied up: Mudkiss Fanzine
My snippet would be this:

  • Emotionally charged powerful passionate songs fueled by hard hitting rock energy with signature guitar riffs & deep bass, their is charm & alot of different styles & influences that lay just beneath the surface they are a class of their own.
Check out The Sonic Revolvers on these links & spread the word:

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dazbeatz (Exclusive Interview)

Had the pleasure of getting an exclusive interview with the most licious & mysterious production force around 'Dazbeatz'!!

I got the lowdown about his life & music, inspirations & influences you name it's in this interview, if your craving to know more then look no further read my interview with the man himself.

  • Love your track 'Gotta Say' full of great energy and emotion what inspired the lyrics for the track? as i gotta say your a lyrical genius in my eyes.

When writing a song, for me the sentiment is one of the most powerful messages i can deliver to the listeners, so on this occasion i wanted to write something that people could connect with and relate to. How? I invoked my emotions from past and present that i'd either felt or experienced myself or through friends and even strangers and could just hear the sentiment 'Gotta Say' screaming out to me. I needed to define what that meant to me and turn that sentiment into a situation that we all go through and paint a picture.

I believe the only way to share is to be open, simple and clear with words and forget about one's own individual vulnerability or inhibitions and focus on giving the message that is bigger than the individual. Yeah crazy mind i hear you saying right ha ha...

  •  Dazbeatz! How did that name come about really intrigued?
Well in 2004 i produced and mentored an artist called Esdee and whilst working on her 'top ten breaker in the UK charts' a group called DG3 that's Leon McFarland, Craig Osbourne and Cue 'I love biscuits and beatbox', used to pop down to the studio whilst at lunch from college. We all used to do vocal lessons and i'd play them my music every time they came down. I always had some kind of mad tribal drums on the desk, as my name is Daz they always kept saying 'Those Daz-beatz are crazy and it stuck.

  • What's your background how did a career in music kickstart it all off for you?
My family are all muscians so i was used to playing instruments as they were around me in the house. I also used to go the studio with my dad whilst on primary school holidays, i would bash around on as many instruments as i could while all the muso's were out of the room. My parents never wanted me in the industry, however i caught the buzz and started writing, producing and playing very young.

  • How would you describe your music?
Eclectic, Honest and full of different colours and shapes. 

  • Your a performer, songwriter, producer & a film maker in your own right, how did all this come together?
Like i said before i've been experimenting with music from a very young age, however film is another way i found i can express my creative vision. It all started from music video's though, i would work with amazing directors, however i always seemed to see the video styling, colour and idea whilst i was writing the music, so i'd write the treatments for the director and he would just tone my idea down or expand on my vision. The last video 'Back To The Middle' Axsom Nelson Ft Nicole Dash Jones which i wrote and produced - I actually got to direct some of the scenes, so i decided to write a film, which i had the idea for two years previously.

  • What is an average day in the life of Dazbeatz like?
We'll i'm up at the crack of dawn - 4am as i like to run, then hit the gym for a few hours, then hit the studio to do some vocal practice play some keys, GTR - whatever takes my fancy really. I live a very simple and humble life and try to stay true to my nature and roots lol i sound like a hippy.

  • Who are your inspirations and influences?
I tend to get inspiration and influence from all different media and art, not just through music, so i would say Pablo Picasso, Curtis Mayfield, Grandmaster Flash, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Ryan Leslie, Pharrell Williams, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Tina Marie, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kanye West, David Bowie, Billie Holiday off the top of my head.

  • Who's on your playlist at the moment?
Currently i'm listening to Kendrick Lamar - lyrically and what he does rhythmically with the way he raps is amazing.

  • Who would you love to collaborate with?
I'd love to collaborate with Ryan Leslie and Pharrell Williams all three of us in the same room, that would be crazy - we would probably be fighting over instruments and whose chorus we're going to use.

  • Has music always been a big influence in your life?
Music has played an integral part in my life from birth. It's also aided me in becoming who i am as it's allowed me to expand my horizons and meet some of the most amazing people on the planet and learn more about others.

  • What is next on the horizon for Dazbeatz?
Well i'm writing my album this summer and visiting loads of different countries whilst writing this album to inject another type of emotional romance into my songs, at present i'm on a plane to Barcelona. I'm also at the final hurdle of completing my first full feature film which is going to be crazy, can't tell you the name just yet but all will be revealed very soon ha ha.


Who is Dazbeatz? A mysterious production force behind the music scenes... there's no denying the boy's got presence and talent but operates like a ghost - some would argue that fine line between crazy and genius, some would even go as far as saying he's the embodiment of the dichotomy between music and maths.
 But one thing all would agree is he mixes the geek with passion and energy, turning up the eccentric but levelled with a complete sincerity to life and music...

He's got a licious track out at the moment called 'Gotta Say' check it out & all his other lush music on his soundcloud: his music is a licious fusion of Hip Hop, Soul, Pop, Funk, Breakbeat DnB i love it when artists get creative and experiment with lots of different genres and he does just this.

D'CRE stands for Dazbeatz Creation this is the container for his creative endevours!! Dazbeatz is a Sextuplet - Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Film Writer, Script Writer, Director & Multi-Instrumentalist.

Dazbeatz Vs G-SHOCK - taken on the shoot of the Axsom Nelson video produced and written and co-directed by Dazbeatz.

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