Friday, 31 January 2014


Two unique bands collaborating on this amazing music project that is iScat!! 1 Part Ice & 1 Part Cat = iScat (Neil from Big Cat Ugly Bat & Del from Ice Chrystalls) this duo has great chemistry a combination of fine talent.

Best way to describe iScat is that they are Experimental specialising in infusing different genres/styles it's an enjoyable purrfect blend of Indie, Electro & Rock look out for hidden gems of Country & Punk & listen out for the harmonicas & banjos this is what makes them stand out they deliver creative pieces of musical artistry.

I couldn't ask for better musical minds working together iScat is a partnership made in heaven well & truly.

It's important to me to connect to the lyrics of the songs the power of the music should ripple through your whole body & soul feel the lyricists passion & get the full meaning behind each song as every one is story that needs to be told an experience to be shared.

iScat are unsigned their music is catchy, powerful with beautiful melodies & vocal strengths a creative mix of  delightful personalised songs full of charisma & charm with outstanding music arrangements which is beautifully put together, their music is a reflection of everything that is iScat their music speaks for its self, they are new & fresh making their own impact on the music scene you get great vibes from them they have a wicked friendly fire.

Songs to name a few:
  • File Under Water (Love the hypnotic video to this song)
  • One (Amazing atmospherics & mix of synths)
  • Escape (One of my favourites it's very different to anything that they have done, they get very experimental on this track loving the Folk/Country vibes of the harmonicas & banjos it's like something straight out of 'Nashville' absolutely enchanting reminds me of Bob Dylan i could listen to this all day it sends shivers down my spine truly mesmerising)
  • Deluded (Has a cool 70's vibe)
  • Take My Hand (Is lovely to listen too)
  • Your Loving Arms (Originally by Billie Ray Martin she liked it so much she allowed them to keep it on Soundcloud, iScat version an amazing interpretation) 
The composition of "Delude" & "File Under Water" are just beautiful the vocals are the icing on the cake.

They quickly building a strong fan base & following check out the charismatic and ambient musical project that is iScat  they have a passion for being adventurous and pushing boundaries their creative juices full of experimentalism is developing a new species of genre they are on my breakthrough list for 2014.
iScat are emerging icons they have a bright 2014 head for them so watch this space they are constantly evolving!!