Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kassassin Street

This young Psychedelic Rock Band have the whole package, Frank Turner (Producer) turns to twisted psychedelia with Kassassin Street.
 Southsea Psychedelic forerunners Kassassin Street have unveiled their newest creation "The Royal Handkerchief Ballet" recorded at the legendary Konk Studios.
 The track is a strikingly result owing equal debts to Kula Shaker, Beck & Primal Scream whilst being in a class of their own, this is in part thanks to the great musicianship in the band, their individual talents merging to create something fresh & exciting amongst the today's indie genre.

The uniqueness of Rowan Bastables vocals is a key feature on "The Royal Handkerchief Ballet" always the glue that binds the bands diverse musical leanings together, Bastables vocal blasts powerfully through the chaos to provide the band with their instantly recognisable sound, whilst the chorus features the deceptively simple & upbeat "in the morning i won't leave you/cos I'm your good friend' make no mistake about this band this is dark psychedelia in action - a twisted acid trip through the shadowy land of psychedelic indie.

For the video the band have turned to a Brighton based Italian Visual Artist whose vibrant multi-coloured creation is the perfect compliment to the intense music of Kassassin Street.

Watch "The Royal Handkerchief Ballet" video here:

Kassassin Street grabs your attention with it's perfect balance of Psychedelic Indie which makes for a delightful listening experience, i sincerely hope this is the first of many releases for Kassassin Street as they are PsychTasticBrillance!
 Their unique identity wholly belongs to Kassassin Street they are letting their creative juices flow using an amazing combination of sounds/styles formally known as being experimental their single is a well-delivered piece of artistry (Great Vibes).

They have pulled out all the stops with this awesome single & chances are you will be hearing alot more about them, they take alot of inspiration from a range of iconic bands these guys ultmately mix it all together to create a licious fusion of pure Psychedelic Indie they deserve your undivided attention things can only get better as this band continue to excel musically, the right elements to stick in your head which keeps you longing for more, this is what Independent Music needs they are clutching a new species of song.

If you haven't heard of Kassassin Street i highly recommend that you give your ears a chance & check them out as they are a collection of fine talent you should consider this The A-Team of Psychedelia.

They are on the top of my breakthrough list for 2014 Kassassin Street is a new dimension of Psychedelic Indie

  • Step on board & cling on for your life these boys know how to craft a song, how to give life to a perfect swirling maelstrom of Psychedelia drenched majesty - Rebel Rebel Music Club

  • Make great music - Beyond the surface level excellence though lies a further greatness more intelligent more admirable - 7bit Arcade

"The Royal Handkerchief Ballet" is coming out via itunes & Spotify on 26th May!

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