Friday, 8 November 2013

DJ Mac's Indie Compilation (Post-Alternative Visions)

New Indie Compilation from DJ Mac of

It's a licious mix of Dark, Post-Punk, Cross-Genre & Electronic Creativity, it's a love for the dark & experimental, style roams between Dark Ballads, Dark Wave, Genre Hoppers & Punk/Electronca  that DJ Mac incorporates all of these in one powerful indie compilation, i would describe it as 'Pioneers In Alternative Music".
 The bands & artists featured on this awesome compilation are now part of the Darkwave revial who tend to draw a fanbase who are a combination of the hipster subculture/older post-punk bands.

DJ Mac of WoodyRadio presents a digital compilation album of Post-Alternative Bands gathered from all around the world for the first time, these artists are from The UK, US, France & Germany & they all embody a new fresh unique fusion in the art of music, making the term "Alternative".
 These bands/artists & songs represent respect for & musical influences of past alternative genres with an original updated sound & lyrical genius lyrics, ranging from the Dark, Post-Punk influenced melodies of Hyena Motorcade, Hearts Fail, The Secret Post, The Seraphim Rising, Kill The Reflection, IceChrystalls, To the Cross-Genre brilliance of Carved Lies, 13 Monsters & Stigmata, To the Electronic Creativity of Neuron Dreamtime, Vodsel & Preacherz Of The Savage Truth just to name a few.
 This group of creative bands offer originality & non-conformity paying homage to the past allows us to acknowledge where you've been while going somewhere new.

So much music flows through the world let this Dark Wave wash over you!!

This International Collaboration from 15 Independent Bands & One Internet Radio DJ will be delivered for no charge using Bandcamp it's available now check it out here: