Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Aylin Eser

Aylin Eser is a brand new Indie band from Melbourne Australia with combined talents of Aylin Eser a singer with charming & charismatic, smooth silky vocals & Will Larsen an award winning producer, composer & multi-instrumentalist , together they write & create catchy melodic pop somewhere between Sara Bareilles & Rumer, Aylin's lyrical poetry is as fascinating as it is meaningful finds it's way amongst Will's harmious orchestral touches & pop sensibility, their EP is currently available on ITunes.

Their chemistry is pure gold their track entitled 'Arrows of Desire' could be straight out of a Bond Movie Theme, their music really stands out it is pure listening pleasure they break the mould so to speak.

Radio Stations have been giving their music a spin including: Butterflies Radio, Traxx Radio, Ultimate Jamz Radio & others, their songs include 'Dolls & Trolls', 'One More Chance', 'Dancing Shoes'.

They remind me Norah Jones, Joan Baez & Judy Collins but with their own spellbinding & enchanting stamp on it, their influences are real soulful singers with depth & richness to their sound they include: Etta James, Nina Simone, 60's/early 70's, John Lennon a wonderful combination of inspirations, they got chatting about music one day & have been together ever since & what a great duo it has creating a great team of two musicians brought together by their passion for writing & making music.

They love having super connections with their fans this is extremely important, artists need to share their work & be inspired by the people around them in order for them to keep creating.

They are planning to shoot a video for 'One More Chance' which is the 4th song on the EP, they are going on a European Tour starting in Istanbul & working their way to the UK & then recording an album they have written in total 17-18 songs it's all very exciting.

Their website has just launched they would absolutely love it if you went & checked it out:


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