Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Kill For Company

Kill For Company are not your usual indie/rock duo they have you hooked from start to finish with their darkly delicious gritty grunge sound.
 They are currently signed to Manchester Independent Label Longevity Records with an exciting future & big plans ahead, Kill For Company is: Michael Banfield - (Vocals/Guibass) & Mark O'Donoughue - (Drums), they are deeply infectious with their hard hitting guitar riffs and mesmerizing dark vocals they have already been favoured by local radio stations.

They produce raw, abrasive music with plenty of gritty distorted guitar it showcases everything that the band is about.
Their brand new 2nd EP entitled 'Alternative To Living will be released alongside an accompanying music video on the 20th April, they have been confirmed to play South Manchester's best new music festival on the 21st June 'Headliner Festival' it's one of the best music festival's in South Manchester taking place in Stockport.

Kill For Company will also be appearing at LakeFest voted one of the 10 best new UK Festival's with the likes of Ocean Colour Scene, The Beat, The Leveller's taking place on the 9th & 11th August.

The Guibass was created by Michael Banfield in essence a lead guitar with two bass strings at the low end re-jig the pick ups, adjust the strings & then split the signal through a bass & lead amp so the GuiBass was born, surprisingly you could get a really full sound in the studio & at live showcases, this new instrument gave them freedom to experiment.

Their music is pure class straight out of the heart of Manchester home of the best music scene need I say more, think Joy Division mixed with dark undertones of The Artic Monkey's.
 They have created their own distinctive licious sound that is insanely addictive, their first EP was LoFi Alternative Rock which sold out very quickly & brought the duo to the attention of local radio stations such as: M/cr Radio Online, 4Q Magazine, Rainy Skies Magazine, Salford City Radio & Michelle Hussey at BBC Introducing, their second EP promises to have a more progressive experimental feel to it as it does just that they have put their own stamp on their licious sound, they bring together the best of unique music with a simultaneously attitude they are going to be massive.

Opening track 'Alternative To Living' is worth remembering as the grungy guitar & Mike's vocal's provides the perfect combination that keeps you interested.
 'Black & White' is by far the most laid back track on the EP, 'Push' is raw but not to much in your face it builds up throughtout before gathering pace & delivering a punch that knocks you for six.
 Alternative To Living is pure experiemental it pushes your buttons throughtout & your left craving for more, you'll have their songs hitting repeat.

I love this band they make sure that the listener's ears are totally engrossed their music is hard to ignore when you stop listening you get withdrawal symptoms, they have a box of tricks ready to unleash onto the listener, it's what you would expect from a band with a 'Guibass' a guitar/bass hybrid that was designed & made by it's owner.

I really suggest that you go & buy their music, it will be the best thing you have bought this year & it's probably the best thing you will listen too by far so what you waiting for.

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